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Is the script open-source?

Sorry, it's not at the moment. It may be released publicly once it's had a bit of a run, and any initial bugs have been ironed out. Apart from anything else, this would obviously cut down on bandwidth concerns :)

I can't get this to work with (feed)...

The script should cope with most of the default types of RSS feeds, but there might be some out there which aren't compatible. If you find any, please get in touch. Support will then be added as soon as possible.

I get an "Unable to access feed" error.

The most common cause of this is an incorrectly-entered URL - either there is a typo in the address or the site may be temporarily down. Please note that while your URLs should begin with http://, the script should work if they start feed://, like those in Apple's Safari, or simply begin with www.

My feed isn't showing the latest additions!

To prevent other sites' RSS feeds from being hammered FEEDcombine caches each feed which it accesses and uses the cached version for up to 10 minutes. This is also aimed at discouraging users from hammering the Refresh button :) If you wait 10 minutes and then reload the script, the updates will appear.

How do I use this with Apple's RSS screensaver?

If you want to use your combined feed in Apple's screensaver, you must browse to the feed in Safari first. Bookmark it there, then go into your screensaver options and it will appear under the name which you gave it - by default, this will start "Feedcombine".

I think (feed) should be added to your predefined set.

By all means get in touch - all submissions will be considered and new feeds will be added regularly. Don't suggest feeds for things such as personal blogs, however; these will be ignored.

This script is great! Can I help support its development?

Please do! If you find the script useful, feel free to use the Paypal button over on the right hand side of the page to send me a donation. Remember, each time you access a feed, it eats into my bandwidth - so your donations will keep the site running!

My question isn't answered here...

Please feel free to get in touch for help with any issues not covered here or contact Reboot Online Marketing for any PR issues. New questions will be added here regularly.