UPDATE: Due to strong interest, FEEDcombine is now available as an open-source project for users who wish to run the script on their own server for their own use. Please click here for more details.

We have offered the FEEDcombine service for free to users for a number of years, on the understanding that this would not be abused - that is to say, that people used it sensibly.

Unfortunately, FEEDcombine has suffered from a sharp growth in the number of users abusing the service recently. Periodically, this has resulted in us having to ban a growing number of users from the script - either temporarily or, in some cases, permanently.

On Thursday October 20, 2011, the abuse reached such a level that the script nearly crashed our entire server and took hours of work to fix.

The script is hosted on a server that is shared by a number of sites and we're no longer able to offer this service as a result of the actions of these few abusive users.

For more information, please email mail@feedcombine.co.uk.